Charles Gide 2019 workshop

The Charles Gide 2019 workshop will take place in Montréal on June 25-27 2019.

This workshop will analyze the creation and the evolutions of the disciplinary boundaries of Economics with the other sciences. It will give the opportunity to clarify the Economics’ borders and to better understand how multidisciplinary approaches between economics and other sciences emerged, such as sustainable development, economic geography, econophysics, etc.

Scientific committee

  • Michäel Assous, Université Lumière Lyon 2, TRIANGLE (France)
  • François Claveau, Université de Sherbrooke et CIRST (Canada)
  • Annie L. Cot, Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne (France)
  • Muriel Dal Pont Legrand, UCA, UNS - GREDEG CNRS (France)
  • John B. Davis, Marquette University (États-Unis)
  • Robert Dimand, Brock University (Canada)
  • Pedro Garcia Duarte, Universidade de São Paulo (Brésil)
  • Till Düppe, UQAM et CIRST (Canada)
  • José Edwards, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chili)
  • Yann Giraud, Université de Cergy-Ponthoise, THEMA (France)
  • Rebeca Gomez Betancourt, Université Lumière Lyon 2, TRIANGLE (France)
  • Jimena Hurtado, Universidad de los Andes (Colombie)
  • Alexandra Hyard, Université Lille 1, CLERSE (France)
  • Franck Jovanovic, Université TÉLUQ et CIRST (Canada)
  • Robert Leonard, UQAM et CIRST (Canada)
  • Harro Maas, Université de Lausanne, Centre Walras Pareto (Suisse)
  • Guy Numa, University of Massachusetts (États-Unis)
  • Kari Polanyi Levitt, McGill University (Canada)
  • Sylvie Rivot, Université de Haute-Alsace BETA CNRS (France)
  • Christophe Schinckus, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) (Vietnam)

About the charles gide association

A scientific society founded in 1983, the Charles Gide Association aims to promote research and training activities in the History of Economic Thought, Comparative Economic Theory, Methodology, Epistemology and Economic Philosophy. It intends to constitute a place of meeting, exchange of arguments and information for the researchers and all those whose concerns meet these fields of interest, without any doctrinal exclusiveness, without theoretical or epistemological bias.

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